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By nature I am a nurturer. This makes sense since I’m an Enneagram 8 and fiercely protective of those I love. For years, I’ve wondered how to best to express this soft nurturing side to the rest of the world. Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, I counsel other people on how stay on the good side of international regulations. But those are intellectual decisions and it wasn’t satisfying my need to nurture.  

One night, as I sat massaging my kids’ feet, I thought, “What if I could help people improve both their physical and emotional well-being all at once? What if all they had to do was kick back (literally) and let me touch their feet, hands or ears and they could experience healing?”

With my own family, could I improve our relationships through touch while helping my children resolve constipation, sore throats, tummy aches and headaches? Yes, yes I could, and voila! Within days I was studying Reflexology. My goal now is to bring this wonderful healing art to you.




Have keys will travel!

Have keys will travel!

Men enjoy Reflexology too.

Men enjoy Reflexology too.

Reflexology serves many purposes. It is an ancient restorative modality for the entire body that involves placing pressure on specific points that relate to organs or systems throughout the body. The idea is that organs and systems in the body are reflected on the ears, hands and feet.

Discovered by the Egyptians, Indians and Chinese, Reflexology was rediscovered in the last 100 years and is a growing alternative healing method. Reflexology can restore balance in the body, eliminate blocked energies, improve circulation and digestion, reduce constipation and remove other blockages, improve sleep (yay!!!) leave the client feeling both rested and energized.  Plus, I travel for each client and can work out of your home to add an extra layer of comfort and ease to your treatment.


Reflexology Offerings


30 Minute mini session

An excellent introductory choice. Includes foot warm up, all body systems covered once, and a short foot warm down.


55 Minute session

All body systems covered and reflexed, as well as a luxurious foot massage warm-down. Includes option for hands or ears.

Reflexology gift cards

Give the gift of healing to a loved one today. Gift cards are available in any amount to fit your needs.


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